MY view

Beloved Vagabond –

This is what I see. Beauty. I know you are not perfect in yourself, but in Christ you are – plus, I love what I started in you. So why don’t you, please, strip off the crap that you use to guard yourself from Me and just walk outside in the light with your flabby insecurities and ugly scars and disgusting paint – I’ll wash it off. Let Me wash you off with My hands and My soap and My water. I know you do not understand why and how, but My blood spills over you and makes you white and pure. No scars, no flabbiness, no ugly paint. No fake hair. No fake hair! So, tomorrow I’ll send you, or maybe in a few minutes. But, right now, can you please just focus on being completely naked and letting Me dress you? My clothes may not be what you wanted – they probably won’t be, but I don’t care. The clothes I give you make you radiate – they are clothes that you wear but that aren’t you – they let you be you. I think of them as, in your terms, a burlap sack over your pasty skin that makes your skin and soul shine brighter. The sack is to protect you, but it is also to protect others. I want them to see the you that is Me. Standing in front of the chapel, exuding rays of white that are blinding. Oh, I can’t wait for you to be in My arms forever. I am sorry it is hard – I promise it is best for you. I am God. I am GOD!!!! Be. Sleep. Look at Me and smile. I love them all. You don’t get it – I am trying to help you – come closer. Look out. Look up. I know you are sad, but you are taken care of – this is nothing. NOTHING – you will be with Me in eternity. There are many who don’t know Me yet – I want them, too. Listen – right now. Start. START. No more procrastinating. No more!!! Now. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.